Quick Dip Before The Year End

My colleagues and I decided to go out-of-town instead of exchanging gifts and dinning out as our Christmas celebration. We agreed to visit the Bakasyunan and Conference Center in Iba, Zambales.

They have 17 rooms and suites to choose from that suits to your liking.

What we booked is the Beach Side Room which cost Php 3000.00 ($ 59.73). It is good for three person, it’s already air conditioned with three beds so you don’t need to share and a shower room. (Sorry I don’t have the actual phot of our room. It so messy to post it here 😅)

The resort features lots of fun facilities like their mini golf, freedom wall, table tennis, billiards, ATV, and many more to make sure that you will never run out of things to do. Though we only tried the ATV and water bike, since we only stay for over night, but I can assure you that Bakasyunan and Conference Center is perfect for families looking for a weekend getaway to create fun and loving memories  and it also ideal for team building.

Water Tricycle


You can bring you own food but they have a food corkage of Php 200.00 ($ 3.98). They also have their own restaurant inside which serves a really good dishes, though you need to place to your order ahead of time for them to prepare it. I have no photos of the food we ordered since we are too hungry to take pictures of it. 😂

what I really loved in our trip is this…

the beach. After months of working we had the chance to take a break and enjoy ech others company. All thanks to our boss for letting us do this and to our dear almighty for giving us this such beautiful scenery of beach.

Its my first time to post about my travel experience but I hope that it kind of help you in some ways. Anyways, if you like to know more about the Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center, you may visit their website or contact them at (02) 668 8986 (Zambales) / (02) 440 1230 (Head Office).

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