Spooky Experience

I know it’s Christmas season, but I’m going to share to you my spooky experience last August 2017 when my siblings and I visited our Dad in our hometown to celebrate his 64th birthday. We stay there for one week. My brother and his wife stay in our Father’s home while me and my sister decided to stay in our Grandmother’s house. It’s just a few blocks away from my Father’s house.

We visited a few of our relatives but since we have limited time we mostly stay at home. We don’t come home often as we have different schedules in work and as my brother work abroad, so as much as possible we want to have a quality time with our Father. Everything is going well until one night, 2 days before his birthday I had a spooky experience in my Granny’s house. We just came back from our Dad’s house, I think its around 6pm. After I took the shower and got dressed, then I lay in the bed and chatted with my friends. A few minutes later, I heard my sister and go inside the bathroom. It’s been 30 minutes and she isn’t done yet. I’m sleepy so I turned off the lights. I had my back from the bathroom when I felt someone presence in my back and the bed dip. I didn’t turn around to look as I know its only my sister. I’m already half asleep when my phone light up for new message, I unlocked it and turn around. While I’m texting, I can still see the figure of my sister when suddenly the door opens.

Can you imagine how big my eyes is when I saw my sister standing in the door holding her phone and talking to whoever it is like what the **** is going on. Then I looked to my side and tada! no one is beside me. (O.O)

I can’t even form a word when she asked me what’s wrong, I just looked at my sister while she prepare for her cloths and go to the bathroom to take a shower. When she is done and lay down beside me I told her about her ghost doppelganger.

We have not slept a wink that night even though the lights is on.

Have you also experience this before?

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