Day 2: City Tour and Disneyland

Our second day’s activity will be City Tour and Disneyland tour arranged by our travel agency Lakwatsa Tayo Pilipinas.

We were picked up from our Hotel Lobby around 8:00 AM, we then proceed to our Hongkong City tour. Our first destination is the Victoria Harbour which is separating the Hongkong Island and Kowloon. It is also the most popular tourist spot in Hongkong.DSC_0499 When we arrived, it still foggy and the sea breeze gave us a chilly feeling. Although we didn’t get a chance to see the harbour during night, it still fulfilling. But I will definitely come back to Hong Kong for this. 🙂 Anyway, back to the tour. We only have 30 minutes to stay at the Harbour since we have 4 other destination to go. Although its only a short stay, we were able to explore some good place along the Harbour. It is the Avenue of Stars promenade which was opened to the public in 2004 to honours the celebrities in film industry of Hongkong, but it was announced in 2015 that it would be redevelop and expand. It was reopen to the public just early this year. So we are lucky to be able to see it during our Hongkong tour. 🙂


After our tour in Victoria Harbour, we then proceed to our next stop. We visited a Jewelry Shop and Souvenir Outlet located in Kowloon. Although the jewelries at the store are very tempting to buy, I stopped myself. 😂 Firstly, it is overly priced and I have done some research about the store and the reviews are not good. To those who plan to buy jewelries during your tour, either international or local –  just be cautious. Do some research and look for good reviews before buying your items. Or much better, go to legit stores.

Anyway, after an whole hour staying in the jewelry shop finally we left to go to our next stop.DSC_0624 We go to some souvenir outlet which is only a walking distance from the jewelry shop that we have been. Instead of souvenir items, we bought snacks – well we love food that’s why. 😂 It cost us HKD 170.00 for 3 pack of snacks and have it delivered to our Hotel for free. Although it looks cheaper, I would recommend to those who will travel in Hongkong for the first time and would want to buy souvenir items and food/snacks, to look for other retail/convenience store or mini shops which we found out a lot more cheaper.

Our next stop is the Aberdeen Fishing Village which is located in Aberdeen Harbour in the southern district of Hongkong. It is well known for its people living in the boat, that is why it is also known as Aberdeen Floating Village.


One of the popular floating restaurant in Aberdeen is the Jumbo Floating Restaurant which serves Cantonese-style cooked seafood on board. Anyway, we didn’t stay too long in Aberdeen, we just took some photo and to go to DISNEYLAND!!! YEY!!! 😂DSC_0789We are all excited. We’re back from being a kid again. 😀

Though some of the attractions we have been did not allowed us to use cameras such as the Mystic Manor, Hyperspace Mountaine, Iron Man Experience – Presented by AIA, Mickey’s PhilharMagic – Animation  (3D Concert Movie), and Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Car. See our short video below for our whole day tour.

Iron Man Experience – Presented by AIA
It’s a Small World
Big Grizzly Mountain Runway Mine




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