Day 3: Walkathon in Macau

Its our third day!! My friend, whose also with us has an Uncle based in Macau. When he learned that we are going to visit Hong kong, he volunteered to tour us in Macau. So we make sure that we have one whole day free for Macau.

So here how our tour in Macau goes…

We left the hotel around 6:00 AM and rode a mini bus (88F) going to Tsing Yi. Luckily, there’s a pick-up stop near our hotel. Please note that mini buses has different route, so check first the signage or ask the driver before riding as you can not get off just any where. You have to wait and get off to the next stop of the mini bus. The driver will not stop in the next bus stop if no one said that they will get off, so make sure that you inform the driver where you are going. The mini bus is only a 16 seater so the driver will not let you in if its already full. You can pay your fare in cash or octopus card. Our fare from Rambler Crest to Tsing Yi Station is HKD 3.70 per head.

From Tsing Yi MTR Station we purchased a ticket going to Tung Chung Station. We walked from Tung Chung MTR Station to New Lantao Bus B6 stop for about 5 minutes. The fare is HKD7.00 that can also be paid by cash or octopus card. The last stop of B6 bus is the To Hong kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge (HZMB Hong kong Port). The Shuttle Bus Ticket Counters is located at the 1st floor of the HZMB Passenger Clearance Building (Departure Hall). The bus ticket is HKD65.00 per head. After we had bought our tickets, we searched the terminal where the bus was parked. We left the Hongkong terminal around 7:45 AM and approximately of 1 hour we arrived at the Macau terminal.

For more details about the fare, routes and information pleas click here.

Upon arrival at the Macau terminal you must pass through the Immigration and Customs Clearance for security checking. They do not stamp your passport upon entering nor exiting instead they will issue you a landing/exiting slips and then you are good to go.

When we met our friend’s uncle, we didn’t waste any more of our time. Since we have not had yet our breakfast, our first stop is the Tapia Village which known for street food in Macau.

Just a few walks from the food stall where we bought our food, we arrived in the Ruins of St. Paul’s which is one of Macau’s best known landmarks.

We just took a few photos here before we strolled around the city. Here are some of my photos I took during our tour (not in order).

During the whole tour, we mostly walked around so we are quite tired. We left Macau to travel back to Hongkong almost 9:00 in the evening already. Luckily that the HZMB bus schedule is 24 hours a day.

Here’s our short video in Macau tour 😊

Since most of us are already tired, we just had our dinner for take out and ate it during the bus ride back to Hong Kong.

Its almost 12 midnight when we arrived at our hotel. And we only have 6 hours to rest. Tomorrow will be our last day of our tour and we will be in Ngong Ping Village.

Time to sleep now 😴


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