Five Fingers Cove and Laki Beach Resort

June 1, 2019 – After months of discussion with my friends on where our next travel destination is, we have decided to go to Five Fingers Cove which is located in Mariveles, Bataan.

Trivia: Why is it they call it Five Fingers? – the this is when you see the cove in aerial view it looks like your five fingers. Sadly, I don’t have a photo to show you but if you search the cove in internet you will get to see a lot of its photos.

So how do you get to Five Fingers Cove?

To go there, you have 4 options:

First is to travel by ferry service offered by 1Bataan ITS or El Greco Jet Ferries, Inc.

1Bataan Integrated Transport System is a joint project of Bataan Provincial Government and Magic Leaf Marine Logistics Corp to make it more convenient for travelers to travel from Manila to Bataan and vice versa. Through ferry, you can avoid the road traffic and travel in much shorter time.  To know more about 1Bataan ITS travel routes and ticket price, please visit there official website through this link.

El Greco Jet Ferries is a domestic fast ferry owner and operator in the Philippines that also operates betweet Manila and Bataan. To know more about their service, please visit their official website through this link.

Estimated time of travel through ferry is 2 hours.

Second is to travel by landtrip (Bus)

• Victory Liner

• Bataan Transit

• Genesis Transport

Estimated time of travel through bus is 3 hours or more depending on the traffic flow. For route and fare details, please visit their official websites.

The third is by car. If you have a car and you know the way, lucky you. You don’t need to worry about the long queues in buying fare tickets. You are in control of your travel time. Just drive safely 😊

But if you want to have a hassle travel planning, your last option is to get a tour packages that fits your schedule and wants.

As for us were hoping to travel via ferry but unfortunately for us, it does not have the schedule that fits with our plan. Since our cove tour is only a day-tour we were hoping to travel as early as possible and taking bus was also not a good option for us and we don’t even own a car nor can drive. So we decided to get a package tour through Travel Grind Ph.  Here are what’s included and not in our tour package:

  1. Travel Package – P999.00/head ($19.23 USD)
  2. Accommodation – Laki Beach
  3. Activities
    • Island Hopping
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming
  4. Island Hopping
    • Nagbintana Arch / Little Finger
    • Pulong Kawayan Cave / Bat Cave
    • Apatot Beach / Cove
    • Tinanlakan Cove / Cliff Diving Area (40ft)
    • Rock Formation
  5. Tour Inclusion
    • Transportation / Van Transfer (Manila to Mariveles to Manila)
    • Boat Roundtrip (Cove to Cove)
    • Environmental Fee
    • Guide Fee
    • Parking Fee
    • Driver’s Meal
    • Cottage / Tent Fee
  6. Tour Exclusions
    • Food – P150.00/head (2.89 USD)
    • Entrance Fee to Laki Beach – P250.00/head ($4.81 USD)

Our van service has two pick-up point (McDonald’s in MOA, Pasay and McDonald’s in Centris, Quezon), so my friends and I have to travel for about 45 minutes to get to Centris and wait for our service van. We were at the pick-up point one and a half hours before our 2:00AM ETD just to make sure that we will not be late. But for some reason our service van was so late, anyway we don’t want it  to ruin our mood so we let it slid. Although we left the pick-up point in almost 3:00 AM we still arrived at the Marvels port exactly 7:00 AM time of arrival. Our tour guide lets us had our breakfast first before we proceed with our island hopping.

Nagbintana Arch
Part of the Rock Formation

I only have a few photos of scenery during our island hopping as I am too occupied taking photos of my friends for their instagramable post (Friend’s Duty) 😊

We have arrived in Laki beach before lunch time and just a few minutes of waiting our food has been served.

We were supposed to go to the lagoon near Laki beach but because of the scorching heat we decided not to got and just enjoy our stay in the beach since we only have until 3:00 PM before we leave.

I wonder if the beach misses me too 😅


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