Day 4: Ngong Ping Village

Ohh my.. it is already been four months since our tour in Hongkong and only now I will be posting our day 4. 😅 Well after our tour, I have been so busy with my work that’s why I was not able to update my post. (wait why am I explaining?! 🤔 Its not like I have a lot of reader 🤣🤣) Anyway…

February 28, 2019 is the last day of our tour in Hongkong. And our last destination is the Ngong Ping Village in Lantau Island.

View from Cable Car – going to Ngong Ping Village

How do we get to Ngong Ping Village? – From our hotel (Rambler Crest) we ride in mini bus going to Maritime Square which is connected to Tsing Yi MTR Station. The bus fare is HKD 3.70/head. From Tsing Yi MTR Station, we bought a ticket going to Tung Chung MRT Station for HKD 16.00/head. When you get off the train, you will see a lot of signage on where the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Station is located. So you don’t have to worry of getting lost as everything is well marked.

Tips: Reserve your tickets online prior to your visit to save queuing time and have a more enjoyable day out with your family and/or friends. Aside from that, the ticket price is a lot cheaper when you book it online than when you buy it through their ticketing office in Tung Chung and Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminals. As for us, we booked our tickets using klook app on the very first day of our stay in Hongkong. We got so lucky as when we booked out tickets it is also on sale. We got our standard cabin tickets for only HKD 131.00/head from its original price of HKD 290.00/head.

The cable car ride takes around 25-30 minutes from Tung Chung Terminal. During the ride you have got to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Lantau Island.

City View
Ngong Ping Trail
The Big Buddha
Ngong Ping Piazza
Po Lin Monastery
Platform View
Ngong Ping Village
Bodhi Tree: Wishing Placards
Chargrilled Egg Waffles 🤗

It would be nice if we get to tour the whole Ngong Ping Village attractions but we need to go back to our hotel to get our things which we left at the lobby. We ride a bus instead of cable car to go back to Tung Chun Town Center for HKD 17.00.

We take MTR to get to Tsing Yi and ride a mini bus going to Rambler Crest. We arrived at the hotel around 4PM. After we get our things, we are just waiting for our service bus that will send us to the airport. It arrived at 5PM and though we are just 30 mins away from the airport, we arrived there at past 7PM as we had to go to some other hotel to pick up the guest/tourist.

After we checked-in and get done with the immigration, we had our dinner first before we proceed to our boarding gate. Our flight back to Manila was actually delayed and they even change our boarding gate three times. 😩

When we boarded it already 11 in the evening and we are all tired that when we get to our seat just a few minutes we are all have fallen asleep. 😴😴😴😴


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