Tara Bakasyon Tayo sa Bakasyunan Resort

aI recently visited the Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal. I also been in their resort in Iba, Zambales back in 2017. See my post here.

Tanay is a town in the east part of Metro Manila and only a two-hour travel from where I lived, which is okay as I only planned the trip together with my two friends the night before our excursion. We just come up with the idea while doing some exercises at the rooftop of our apartment building. Actually they are the one doing some exercises. πŸ˜‚ β€˜coz I’am busy munching my chips. πŸ˜‚

So while they are getting sweaty, I started with looking for the nearest resorts in Manila. I have found one in Cavite, but the travel time is 5 hours, so no. Until I found one post in Facebook about someone’s overnight experience in Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, so I suggested it to them and they immediately agreed. After they do some stretching, we returned back to our rooms and started packing our things. 😁

But there’s one thing that we forgot to do – that is to book our cottage! πŸ˜…Crazy right?? πŸ˜‚ And we only realized that after we arrived at the resort. 🀯

So here’s what will happen if you forgot to book your accommodation πŸ˜…

On the spot booking – unlucky for us, all rooms and cottages are all occupied that day. So we have no room to rest and place where can leave our things. 😫

So we have to carry it all the time and choose only a part of the resort with less people so that we can leave our things while we enjoy the sun and the pool. 😩

Although its troublesome, we make sure that we can still enjoy our excursion.

Bakasyunan Resort has a lot of instagramable spots but what I really love the most are the Giant Swing and Hanging Bird Nest.Β 

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I don’t have a lot of photos of our excursion in the resort, but one thing I can – I recommend this place especially those who are in the city that are looking for a quick escape from their stressful traffic and work or those who simply want to unwind. The resort is very relaxing as it is surrounded by different varieties of trees and have an overlooking view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Laguna Bay.


Resort Name: Bakasyunan Resort – Tanay

Location: Sitio Balimbing, Plaza Aldea, Tanay, Rizal 1980

How to get there:

From Shaw: Ride a UV/FX (Star Mall Terminal) going to Tanay for PhP 70.00 or ride a Jeep (Parklea – opposite of Star Mall) also going to Tanay. The Jeep fare is much cheaper than UV/FX, it will only cost you PhP 53.00. So if you are on tight budget, you have this option.

From Shaw get off to Tanay Public Market and transfer to another jeep going to Sampaloc, the fare is PhP 28.00. Just tell the jeepney driver to drop you off at the Bakasyunan Resort. By the way, there will be a lot of tricycle drivers at the Market who will offer you a ride going to the resort but will ask you to pay the fare of PhP 200.00. I know because we were warned by their fellow drivers. 😁


Day Tour – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

For Overnight Tour Check-in time will be 1:30 PM and Check-out time by 11:30 AM

Swimming Pool Entrance:

Adult : PhP 250.00/head

Kids : PhP 150.00/head

Food Corkage: PhP 200.00/head (applicable for day tour/overnight)

The resort is ideal for family outings and team building as they offer different activities such as Zipline, Rappel, Mudslide, ATV’s and many more. To know more about the resort packages, amenities and activities, please visit their official website.