Sea of Clouds – Mt. Kulis

Hi, It’s been a while. I hope you are all healthy and safe, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

So, just this Friday, July 2, me and my colleagues were able to push through with our plan to hike. We are supposed to do this last year, but a pandemic happened and it continuously threatens public health, so a lot of travel restrictions were issued in every part of our country, it was really hard for us to plan this trip. During the early stage of COVID19, as we watched the news how the numbers of infected and those who succumbed to the virus spiked up, it really causes us anxiety.

Even I would wake up in the middle of the night for no reason they would start thinking about what will I do if one of my loved ones got infected or me. Then, there’s this news about companies that are closing down due to the pandemic. I thought that our company did the same at that time as we are also having problems without management, but thanks to God that he never let it happen.

Anyway, enough of the depressing issues.. 🙂 As I have mentioned earlier, we have finally been able to go ahead with our plan to hike. This is actually my second time, the first one was last 2017 in Mt. Samat in Pilar, Bataan. It’s 6.5-kilometer trekking from the national road to the peak.

This time our destination is Mt. Kulis which is located in Sitio Maysawa, Tanay, Rizal. Mt. Kulis is a 620 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) and an hour trek away from Fresno Agro-Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite Registration Office. Mt. Kulis is famous not only because it is only an hour’s drive away from the bustling city of Manila but also because of its very own Sea of Clouds.

View from Fresno Agri-Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite

To witness the sea of clouds is a heavenly feeling. It feels like it washed away all your worries and frustrations in life.

Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the hike. We only got to “Noah’s Ark” where we were able to see the sea of clouds. This was because my body gave up halfway to Sambong Peak. 😭 It was really hot that day and the trail to Sambong peak is uphill which is really hard for me. 🥺 I’m so disappointed that it was already my limit and I want to do more. 🥺 but the team decided not to go as I looked so pale and might faint if we still continue. 😭

There is more to discover in Mt. Kulis that I want to see myself. So I’m definitely coming back here – prepared!!

The next time, I am physically prepared!! 💪🏼

Here’s a short clip of our trek to Noah’s Ark 🥺

Even though we were not able to get to the “Lion House Falls, Hanging Bridge, Bahay Ni Cardo, and Sambong Peak”, it’s still the best experience, after all, that’s happening around us. We were able to do this together, which makes our team bond much stronger.

If you want to chill and be with nature, I highly recommend you this place to de-stress. 👍🏻👍🏻

To know more about their rates and schedule, please visit Fresno Argo Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite website


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