Admiring the Paradise

I’m probably used to seeing the four corners of either my house or our office, so every time I get a chance to witness such an amazing place, I have this feeling of excitement and calmness. Who wouldn’t be? Especially if you are experiencing extreme fatigue at work. So anyway, I’d like to share with you how our second day in Boracay went on.

Our day starts with an early morning stroll along the beach. We enjoyed the cool ocean breeze while goofing around. πŸ˜†

Our plan for this day was to saunter from Station 3 where our hotel is to Station 1 which is an almost 4 kilometers-long distance. However, we only made it to Station 2 as we need to return back to our hotel to have our breakfast.πŸ˜† Food is life guys so please do understand us. πŸ˜†

When we were at the convention hall of the hotel, I realized that I don’t have my facemask anymore. 😫I do have an extra facemask, but what I am concerned about is the strap attached to the facemask which is a gift from my friend 😰Though she said that it is okay, I’m still unsettled. Told her that I would look for it because it is a gift from her. 😭 One of our friends accompany me to look for my missing facemask+strap. Thankfully, we found it!! 😊 We hurried back to our companions and we happily had our breakfast.

Around 09:00 AM, we returned to our rooms for a while to do our business (call of nature).πŸ˜†πŸ˜† One of our friends (Anne), decided to stay in our room because she has a Sunday worship via Facebook live. I really admire her as she is an active Young Ambassador of Christ in their Church, even in the midst of her busy schedule she really makes sure to allot time to her church activities.

So while we are waiting for her, we decided to stroll and check out the stores along the seaside. I was not able to document it (photos/videos) as I am busy looking around and buying some stuff. πŸ˜‚

Before noon we decided to have burgers and fries for our lunch and to go back to our hotel room to see if our friend’s Sunday worship was over, but when we arrived she was still in the middle of their worship. So we silently stay in our room and had our lunch with her. 😊 When she was done, we started to prepare to hit the beach. Yey!!!πŸ€—

On our way, a guy approached us to offer henna tattooing. I have wanted to get a tattoo for a very long time, but I am hesitant since it will be permanent and I am not sure long I am gonna like it. So, I thought why not try it even if it is just temporary.😊 I chose the feather design as it means freedom and I like its layout. I had it done just above my ankle. 😊 I was told not to get it wet for about 30 minutes so it would completely dry.

When I joined the girls, they are doing some “vlogging” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and the moment they saw me, they make fun of me immediately 🀣🀣 what crazy friends I have here, I am wondering why am I friends with them πŸ€” then I realized I am also as crazy as they are and that’s why we have an amazing experience together.

After some time, my friends decided to take a dip and I was left with my sister who later joined me after she was done having her henna tattoo as well. Even from afar, I could hear my friends laugh. πŸ˜‚ I could no longer wait for my henna tattoo to get completely dry, so I joined my friends and got it wet. It is so amazing how cold the water is even though the sun is out πŸ₯΅

After a while of goofing around, we decided to continue our stroll to Station 1.

Only a few tourists are there when we arrived unlike at Station 3. Of course, before we enjoy the water and the scenic view, picture taking is a must. 😁

Can’t skip this day without trying paddleboarding. Although I had a hard time balancing and fell a few times, my efforts paid off as I was able to stand up. πŸ˜‚ And because of this, I drank a lot of sea water 🀣

It is so fascinating to see how crystal clear the water is. It is so clear that you can watch the fish flitting around you without using goggles. 😍 And as the sun goes down, it creates a magical treak of glittering light on the sea surface. πŸ’—

As the sky darken, a realization came to me, we are soon going back to our reality. The vacation is over. 😭 I don’t want to end this day as it is too short compared to how long we are cooped up bacause of the pandemic. 😭 How I wish we can stay longer.

Thank you for checking out my website and reading my travel journal. πŸ₯°


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