Hong kong 2019

After years of planning, we finally had our first travel abroad. I must say that Hong kong is the best place for those who plan to go on their first travel abroad like us. Well at first you will felt nervous like me since you have to go to immigration and you don’t know what they might ask you or they might deny to entry the country. Lucky for me, they never ask me a question. 🙂 They just looked at me and then my passport then say ‘next’. Yey!!

So anyway, getting around Hongkong is very easy even for first-timer traveler like me. And you cannot get lost as everything is well marked in “English”. So today, I am sharing with you some ideas about our to Hongkong tour.

First thing first, take an early morning flight to Hong kong and late evening flight departing from Hong kong. This will allow you to maximize your time to fully enjoy your tour. Us, our flight to Hong kong is was supposed to be 7:00 AM through Cebu Pacific but from some reason our flight was delayed. It is a 2 hour flight from Manila. I suggest that you book your flight in advance as it was much cheaper than booking your flight near your intended day of travel. Airline also posting flight promos so you have to look for that.

Our hotel booking was arranged by our travel agency Lakwatsa Tayo Pilipinas!. They arranged our airport – hotel – airport transfer, 4 days and 3 nights hotel accommodation, Hong kong city tour and Disneyland tour for Php 9,999.00 per head. But if you want to do it yourself, you can arrange your hotel accommodation through Traveloka. They offer great deals of hotel discounts, flight discounts and attractions and activities discounts.

As for the tours and attractions it is better to book it with Klook to get huge discounts. Like ours, we book our Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car using this app. We get the standard ticket for only HKD 131.00 a huge difference if you buy your ticket directly to the station which will cost you HKD 430.00 for Adults and HKD for 360 for kids.

If you want to explore Hong kong city on your own (D.I.Y), you have nothing to worry as their transport system is very accessible. I highly recommend that you get an Octopus Card which is very useful in travelling around the city. You can use it in public transport, entertainment, dining or shopping. You can also keep it as souvenir. You can get it for HKD 39.00 without initial stored value. If you are going to stay in Hong kong for only 2-4 days, I suggest not to load your card much especially if you are just going to use it for public transport. If you are not going to avail the card you can still pay your fare in cash. By the way, Hong kong has two kind of mini bus – the Green Minibus and the Red Minibus. It serve different routes and has different operating system. For more details about their fare, routes and information please click here.

Next is the food, as much as possible try to eat some of Hong Kong’s delicacies. Although some food are unappealingly bland, its still better to experience it. And don’t ever forget to try their roasted duck which is truly delicious. Also try their street foods like curry fish balls, egg tarts, udon noodles, fish cakes, pan cakes and many more.

To summaries our tour in Hong Kong – it is an absolutely fascinating experience. And although Hong kong is the busiest city I have been, you will never get bored. Everything about Hong kong is amazing.

Thank you for taking to read my post. If you want to know more about our trip see also our Day to Day tour below:

I also want to take this chance to thank Ms. Cyril Grace Ramos from Lakwatsa Tayo Pilipinas! for accommodating our tour.

My friends and I, we highly recommend to you to get your tour package from them. Ms. Cyril was also our agent for our local tour and she never fail us. She is very accommodating and friendly. Thank you Ms. Cyril 🙂

To contact them, you can email them at lakwatsatayopilipinas@gmail.com or call them at 0927 927 5346 (Globe) or 0999 664 3606 (Smart). You can also message them through their facebook page.



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